How Content Can Increase Your Website Traffic And Rank on Google First Page

You can rank your website on the first page of Google with good content. Content is a King but traffic is the queen and she rules the house. If you have great content you will receive thousands of traffic directly from Google without stress. It’s easy to attract search engine if you have great content, not a content you copied from another website and posted it on your website.

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I will use someone as an example in this content and I believed he will appreciate for using him as a case study in this post. But, because he understands the principle of SEO. And he will be happy due to the fact that am one of his site visitors, one of his subscriber and am using the strategies I learn from his site. Increase your website Traffic with Quality Content Click To Tweet


The person am talking about is GLEN. This guy has really taught me a lot of strategies on SEO and making money online through his content.  Glen is the owner of Vipercill, you can check his site here  You can also check the screen-shot I took yesterday. Is a popular site with alexa ranking of 143k. This site is an informative site, if you visit the site you will know what am saying.

Don’t worry, am still on the line with the topic of this post.  Just that I have to tell you about the guy before we start and I believed you will know about him if you visit the site and the information I will drop here base on how Viperchil is getting thousands of traffic every month.

What’s Unique About Glen?

Glen is using content to rank high in Google, that is just it. It was on May 2015 that I land on this guy site, I can’t even remember what I was looking for online back then, but am very sure that I wanted to rank one of my website because the post I land on really helped me to move that site from 20m alexa ranking to 700k within 2months.

It was my first time of reading long article about SEO then. I can’t really remember how many words the content is but I knew is more than 3000 words, for someone to sit down and write over 3k words article, you know he/she is writing what he knows very well. No wonder he received over 150k monthly visitors on his site.

If you visit the site, you will see that he specialized on SEO. That is not the main reason why his site is ranking well, the main reason is the content, I mean original content. We will look at some of these content and how is helping Viperchill site to rank high on Google.

Let’s look at the article that lead me to Glen site. The topic of the content make me follow it from Google search. Here is the topic; “How to Reach 100,000,000 Unique Visitors in Just 6 Month” Am very sure that you will click on the topic if you come across it. Getting over 100m visitors in a month will give you millions of dollars profits.  The words on that page is small compared to his other articles but the information therein is powerful.

After reading the article, I found out that there are over 1 hundred comment, but is more than that now, I think it’s has over 250 comment now which mean thousands of people have read that article if not millions.

You will find out that people who are commenting are appreciating him indirectly because they have learned one thing or the other on the content. If you want to increase your site traffic, Glen have the information on his site, If you want to make money online (start a profitable niche) you will find all on Glen website. You need to give people something great before you expecting anything from them!

You need to give people something great before you expecting anything from them! Click To Tweet

What do I mean by that?

Let’s say you are selling something, it may be digital or physical products, if you don’t tell people the reason why they need that product they won’t know the reason why they need to submit their credit card details for you. Update information about what you are selling before thinking of getting people who want to buy it.

If this guy launches an SEO Report today and start selling it for $1000, do you believe that he will sell over 200 copies within the first week without advertisement? People who are reading articles in his site will be expecting him to drop the link to one of his product one day and they will buy it with joy.

Now, let continue with our research. I will advice anybody that is interested in doing Internet business to read that post very well because it will really help you if you are looking for where to start. I want us to check another post before we end this article. check this The topic is: “6,595 words on a traffic generation Tactic you are not using” Am sure this is one of his longest blog post. It will be among the Top 10 if not top 7. To tell you the truth, the topic on any of his post make people click on that post, if your title is bad, you will not even receive visitor. People should be able to learn something on your title, the title of any post matter most and it must be good keywords that you know people will be searching for..

For example, check the title of this article. There are two keywords there. “Increase website traffic and Rank on Google first page” I perfectly chose the topic before I started. I have known what to write about, but it took me good 24 hours before I was able to find the topic to this article.

Look at this: “PIN’s: The Future of Private Link Building” That is one of Glen popular blog post. The post received over 1000 plus comments. Look at that powerful keyword. “Link Building” Why won’t he get traffic when he knows the principle of Google and the power of SEO? You need to check that article here It might be the link building post you have been looking for.

I knew you will be asking yourself different question right now, like why do I need to tell you about Glen the owner of Viperchill, why do you need to know what he is doing and how he is getting traffic to his site. The key point is;

Using Content to rank on Google first page will be the best thing you need to increase your online visibility. You can’t be spending money on facebook or Google ads every time. If you can produce quality content base on the interest of your potential visitors you will get quality traffics that will result in sales. If you have not be using content before then, start now because content will be the only way of ranking your website in future. Let’s handle your site SEO

Using Content to rank on Google first page will be the best thing you need to increase your online visibility Click To Tweet

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