How Does Twitter Benefits Your Business?

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms you can use to easily drive traffic to your website. As a social media manager have tried many social media sites and I can see that twitter is the best free place to get traffic. If you are trying to do something testing you need to try Twitter. Facebook convert very well if you use facebook ads but twitter and Linkedln will convert well for free start.

Last week. I check where my website traffic is coming from, and I noticed that the traffics am getting from social media 90% is coming from Linkedln and Twitter and am very active on facebook than Twitter and Linkedln. It was then I knew that I need to increase my feasibility on twitter and Linkedln instead of wasting my time on facebook. The only thing I will focus on facebook is facebook ads.

I Want to Show You The Benefits Of Using Twitter For Your Business

You need to start promoting your business via Twitter, and you’ll benefit from Twitter’s vast network of corporations, consumers, and business tools. Maybe you don’t know that businesses, celebrities, and political parties resort to Twitter to share information and persuade audiences. Because they knew that is the best platform to reach their audience.Maybe you don’t know that businesses, celebrities, and political parties resort to Twitter to… Click To Tweet

Why Do You Think Twitter is good For My Business?

Twitter boasts 500 million tweets every single day from a staggering 304 million users who log on at least once each month. To tell you that fact, you need a Twitter account to stay relevant to the Twitter demographic.  Or you don’t know that your competitors use Twitter to reach more people, they take advantage of that network and leave you behind. I believed that will change after reading this my article. Your competitors use Twitter to reach more people, they take advantage of that network and… Click To Tweet

Twitter’s growing popularity means that most mid to large-sized companies are represented on this
platform; they reach people fast with their 140 character tweet. When you join the Twitter verse, you engage in the conversation about technological changes in your field and advances in your company’s progress. By simply follow the accounts of industry leaders and reply to their tweets, this will give you more popularity and people will notice you.

Twitter also gives you the unique opportunity to talk directly to your clients and potential customers. Instead of complaining to or questioning a remote customer service representative, tweeters can go straight to the source. If customers add your company’s username also known as your handle to the tweet, you receive a notification and you can view the comment. Use these instances as an opportunity to reach out and establish a reputation for civility and quality customer service. Twitter is an important social listening tool.

You need to make use of twitter. For example, some month ago, I wanted to buy a course and the author of this course is new, I may someone I don’t know before. I have to search for him on social media to see what people are saying about him, I was able to know the person customer review on twitter. I saw what people are saying about him, check his tweet and see the replied. Thank God for Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. If they don’t create Twitter I may not be able to find that information.

Twitter Help You to Reply Your Customer Fast Without Delayed

If customers or employees encounter problems with your products or services, they don’t need to wait until regular business hours to express their opinions. When you commit to Twitter, you give customers 24/7 access to information about your brand. You can deliver immediate results any time your customers have questions or concerns, and you can prevent one small complaint from blowing up into an all-out disaster. Regular updates about your company help customers keep your company in mind the next time they need a product or service you sell.Regular updates about your company help customers keep your company in mind the next time they… Click To Tweet

Twitter is easily accessible on your mobile phone. Twitter began as a text-messaging centered service, all of Twitter’s content displays perfectly on a mobile device or tablet. Users have apparently recognized this trait, because 80% of users access Twitter from their mobile devices, they don’t need to load their computer before they ask any question or give review for your products.

There are many benefits that you can get on twitter. And you can use twitter for anything. If Trump can use Twitter to win Election, that what is stopping you in using twitter to reach your targeted audience especially when you can use it for free.

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