Top 4 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing the best promotion for your business. With fast internet speed, it is only a matter of time before everyone in the world is connected. Internet has become the main medium for carrying information and it has surpassed its competition in more than one way.

Even people search internet when they want to eat to get some information on the best food.  For this reason, many businesses (mostly successful ones) have decided to replace the promotion and marketing over the physical mediums (such as Newspaper, TV and radio) for various types of online promotion. Even newspaper companies now promote their message through social media to get more reader.

Which online promotion are you using? There are few ways to promote your products/services on internet. You can use the social networks towards your promotion (This also known as the Social Media Marketing).

You can hire SEO Consultant (Search Engine Optimization), to work towards optimizing the search engines to make sure that your website comes out on first page when searching certain keywords that are related to your business.

The third option which I count as the best is email marketing. You can promote your products through various types of mailing lists. In this article, I will talk about email promotion, because there are thousands of information about social media and SEO.

People usually talked about the first two and ignored email marketing. I don’t really know the reason, maybe they themselves are not using it or they don’t find a reason why you need this. Email Marketing is the best among these three.

You can use social media to get people sign up to your list, you can use SEO to drive traffic to your lead page. Can you now see that you need the three, but you need email marketing more.  I will highlight some point on benefits of email marketing .

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Reduced Time & Effort

Take a moment to think about the time and effort involved in structuring a direct-to-consumer or direct business-to-business campaign using one of the two most common offline direct marketing communications techniques. Within some minutes or hours you will be able to advertise your new to your list and they will keep on visiting your website and buy your products.

Build Credibility

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Email gives you the ability to build credibility with your audience by sharing helpful and informative content. You don’t need to disturbing yourself on how to get reader for your latest post, once you update your post, just send short message include the post url to your list and you will receive hundreds of visitors on your site within some minutes.

People who enjoyed reading your post will be happy to buy anything you send to them to buy.  Just make sure that people in your list have interest in what you are promoting. 

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Information Spreading

When was the last time that you saw a customer hand over a postal mailing that they’d received to a friend who might be interested? Or have you seen somebody clip an ad from a magazine and send it to a family member who may want that product or service?

However, forwarding an email with an enticing or useful offer or piece of information only takes seconds and many users will do it. That means that your marketing effort has not only a wider reach but also a networked reach with people who, by forwarding the email, are now acting as your brand advocates.

Subscribers can forward brilliant deals and offers to their friends at the click of a button. There aren’t many other types of marketing that can be shared as easily as this. Before you know it, subscribers could become brand evangelists; focused on introducing your business to a new market.

Save the Planet with Email Marketing!

It may seem like a minor part of the big picture, but we’re all trying to be more environmentally friendly these days! When you optimize email marketing as your primary customer communication and direct-to-consumer or direct business-to-business marketing method, you’ll help save the planet by reducing the number of trees killed for print marketing pieces.

We all want to help save the planet, and making a responsible decision about your marketing tools can help you to do just that while also improving your business’s success.

Those are a lot of measurable benefits of email marketing over other marketing channels! Of course, we recommend that email marketing be an important part of your marketing mix – not the only ingredient in it.

However, as you can see, if you’re not incorporating email into your marketing plan, then you’re missing out on a number of benefits that can improve your overall sales and user engagement for a very low overhead cost and, in many cases, a very limited amount of time and effort.

Why don’t you include email into your marketing today and see what you’ve been missing.

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What do you think?

Which marketing system is the best in your own side? Do you have experience in email marketing or you are not agree with what I said about email marketing? People have different opinion based on their experience.

What worked for me might not work for you, but if you use email marketing very well, it’s work for everybody and for any business. Let us hear from you, what you think is right. Please, there is love in sharing; sharing this article to your friends will make change in their business.

Please, don’t leave this page without sharing this content to your friend and that will make them love you more for your caring. Your comment is welcome. Please ask us any question using the comment box bellow and we will be happy to answer all questions.  

6 thoughts on “Top 4 Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Comfort says:

    I’m a DSA in a loan finance company. We are not suppose to do digital marketing bcos our job functions is to meet customers directly but I need more customers to meet up my target on a monthly basis. I would love the email marketing but wouldn’t want the marketing team of our company to get know about it. There is a sanction, if one is caught. Kindly advice. Thanks

    • femstic says:

      In reply to Comfort.

      Hi Comfort,
      I understand you, is like your company don’t believe on this. But you can try it to confused them.
      I have worked with a company sometime ago, they don’t believe on social media, but i was able to confused them as my client.
      And thank God today, they are getting the benefits and they really happy about it, even they want to invest more money to this because they now believed it very well.

      You can try it, especially that Email marketing and am sure you will be able to confuse them in future with the result you will get
      I will message you concerning that.

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