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International Hosting 1 Year
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Onpage SEO
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Self Hosting
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Premium Template
SEO Friendly Domain 1 Years
International Hosting 1 Year
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Femstic Marketing Media is a Registered Digital Marketing Company With CAC Nigeria. As your full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we combine our passion for creativity and our drive for providing unique solutions to add value and opportunity for growth throughout all aspects of our clients’ business.

Our Customers keep on recommending our quality service because we are not only building website, we are building high quality, customer friendly, SEO website

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Pricing And Other FAQ

What do You Mean by Self Hosting?

We will host your website separately, not on our own serve. We will buy your hosting and host your website with good International company and you will have access to the Cpanel

What Is SSL Certificate?

Your website needs any SSL certificate If you’re asking for any personal information. Search engines are cracking down on perceived ‘non-secure’ websites. Any websites without the SSL certificate will remain http while those with encryption will show https in users’ browsers. People will be avoiding your website if you don’t have SSL on your website

What is Domain?

Domain is your website name like www.yourname.com. So, without a name you can’t have a website and you pay yearly for this. The best is ti choose a domain that people can easily found on Google

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a house that powered your website. Without hosting there is nothing call website. Hosting is bill monthly or yearly depends on the one you want to go for.

Before choosing hosting you need to confirm if they are good or not because some hosting are useless. The best is to choosing International hosting and that is what we are using for all our clients

What is Onpage SEO

on-page SEO refers to the factors you can control on your own website to increase your site Ranking. That is: when people are searching for your related business on Google your website will pop up to them. This communicate with Google and other search engine to make it easy for people to find your website when they are searching on Google

What do You Mean Big Hosting

Big Hosting can accommodate many data and you can host another website on this same hosting. Just give your web designer to design another website on it without buying another hosting. You will only need another domain name and SSL

Check Some Of Our Previous WEBSITE DESIGN

Website Design in Lagos Nigeria

Website Title:Lebanon Cedars

Company: Furniture Online Store

Location: Lagos Nigeria

URL: www. lebanoncedars.com

Worth: #587,000 ($1174)

How to Design Website in Lagos Nigeria

Website Title: Love Like U

Company: Health and Relationship Site

Location: Nigeria

URL: www. lovelikeu.com

Worth: #392,000 ($784)

Mount Zion Institute Website

Website Title: Mount Zion Institute

Company: Drama/film Institute

Location: Nigeria/International

URL: www. mountzioninstitute.com

Worth: #862,000 ($1724)

Website Development in Brazil

Website Title: Abiodun Bamgbala

Company: Profile Website

Location: United Kingdom

URL: www. abiodunbamgbala.com

Worth: #329,000 ($658)

Website Design and Development in Lagos Island Nigeria

Website Title: Original Plan

Company: Faith and Relationship

Location: Nigeria

URL: www. christcontrol.com

Worth: #499,000 ($998)

Website Design and Coding in Abuja Nigeria

Website Title: Prestige Venture

Company: African Food and Holiday Tour

Location: United Kingdom

URL: www. prestigeventuresltd.com

Worth: #520,000 ($1040)

Ecommerce Design in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria

Website Title: My Zeal eCom

Company: eCommerce Website

Location: Nigeria

URL: www. myzealecom.com

Worth: #310,000 ($620)

Best Website Design Company in Nigeria

Website Title: Eternal Covenant

Company: Ministry and Charitable Org.

Location: United Kingdom

URL: www. eternalcovenantoutreach.org

Worth: #293,000 ($586)

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